Today’s Post Is a Terrible Idea Caused by the Internet

How to Successfully Internet Stalk* Someone Who Makes Chocolate.

I’m not saying I did this personally. I’m also not NOT saying I did this personally. I’m just here to provide helpful instructions, y’all.

Step 1: Google store where the Chocolate is Made.

Step 2: Find the Facebook page of the Store Where the Chocolate Is Made.

Step 3: Realize the stupid store has a separate Facebook page from the People Who Make the Chocolate

Step 4: Find the Facebook page of the Chocolate-Making People

Step 5: Hunt through the photos to find his name

Step 6: Facebook search for the name you deviously and craftily discovered.

Step 7: Be endlessly confused by his profile picture, and be crushed by the factual discovery that obviously you are only attracted to weirdos.

Step 8: Ignore all of that, because mother%$#@!, he makes CHOCOLATE

Step 9: Google therapists, because you’ve obviously gone off the deep end.

Step 10: Buy a candy bar.

Nom Nom Nom

Any one of these will do. Seriously. Chocolate is everywhere. GET OFF THE INTERNET!
(Image via the glorious Cup of Joe

Step 11: Tell the Internet about that time you used the Internet for evil. Because you are quietly horrified at all the things the Internet can do.

*Don’t do this. For one thing, it’s totally bananas. For another thing, it’s creepy.**

This is why I don't date

Creepy like this guy. As a side note, this may be a surprisingly similar picture to the Chocolate-Maker’s Facebook picture.

**Seriously? No. Stop Googling people who make chocolate. This is a bad plan. I was having a weak*** moment.

***Hungry. A hungry moment. 

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