Things About Me

I guess everyone has to have an “about me” page. You know, to give readers the warm-fuzzies over shared personal details. And by “shared”, I mean “I tell the Internet things that you read anonymously.”

Fast Facts:

  • I post Monday through Friday  Monday, Wednesday and Friday…usually before noon before midnight*
    *But sometimes not. Because sometimes I like my bed more than the Internet. Because sometimes I am bad at blogging.
  • I am 28 29, and have no shame in admitting it
  • I have a cat. I talk to her. I’m practicing to be a future cat lady.
  • I usually don’t respond to comments on the weekend. It’s not because I don’t love you. It’s because I’m ignoring my computer.
  • I am a cancer survivor. You can read a little bit about that here.
  • I can do a handstand (but I need a wall to do it).
  • I know all the words to an Old Navy ad that was on TV when I was in high school. Why? Because it annoyed my dad, and I was a teenager. (Love you Daddy!)
  • I draw almost everything on Post-It Notes, but I have yet to buy stock in Post-Its. Because thinking ahead is not something I considered before publishing this blog.

Things I like:

  • Food that is innately bad for me, like
    • Macaroni and Cheese. Forget the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Mac & Cheese is my religion.
    • Marshmallows, and their unnecessarily more elaborate cousin, s’mores.
    • French Macarons, for when I’m feeling like a pretentious dessert
  • Sharks, and therefore Shark Week
  • Dinosaurs
  • Movies, good, bad and almost everything in between
  • Halloween
  • Scotch Tape
  • TV specials about parasites.

Things I hate:

  • Scary movies about Christmas or Santa Claus. It’s a time of LOVE, people.
  • Jello
  • Mosquitos
  • All the other bugs that aren’t mosquitos

Everyone on this blog who isn’t me is supplied with a fake name, except for my parents.

The Doodles:

I post drawings on this blog, fairly regularly. They are copyright me, because I drew them, and they are the brainchildren of my very own thought-box. However, I love to share, because I did kindergarten correctly. You are welcome to use my doodles elsewhere on the Internet, but please link back/share the source or credit. I’d do the same for you.

43 thoughts on “Things About Me

  1. Cait,
    Only mosquitoes? What about scary bees?? I hear they eat elephants, which shouldn’t matter as I live in Canada, and we don’t have elephants. Just polar bears. Do bees eat polar bears?
    Le Clown

    • Well obviously only mosquitoes. Bees can’t be scary for two reasons:

      1) Monsanto keeps killing them, so eventually they won’t exist. Then small children of future generations would be super confused by my references to bees being terrifying. I don’t want to confuse future generations because that would be super mean.

      2) Bees make honey. Everyone likes honey. Except deranged people. So bees allow me to sort out deranged people with ease. Thanks, bees!

      Bees probably do eat polar bears, though. I learned that on the Internet. But since bears are substantially scarier than bees, I’m pretty sure you should go high five a bee.

      P.S. – You’re the only clown that doesn’t terrify me. Good job!

    • Yay! This sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

      I totally blame Jaws for providing me with a fascinated terror of sharks, that the Discovery Channel has sweetly nourished with Shark Week. Now I just can’t help myself – I have to watch every second of shark-y action!

      • Yes, it’s crazy. I live in Colorado and by golly I can’t get in a swimming pool without picturing that menacing fin coming up behind me so I can be swallowed whole. Sometimes, I even hear the music.

      • Swimming pool sharks ARE the most dangerous kind of sharks. Because they’re the least expected.

        But at least Jaws taught us all to listen for the dangerous approaching-shark music. It’s such a great warning 😉

  2. Was the Old Navy ad the performance fleece one? Because I do remember that one (though I was way out of high school during those days even).

  3. I think there seriously needs to be a national Post-it celebration day because there are a lot of us who seriously can’t live without them and–less seriously–doodle all over the freakin’ things! I am also a lover of cats and currently own one that beeps (of course everything I own has to be in some way strange or broken!) I am also, also 28 though on the verge of 29 and about to write out a turning 30 bucket list. I’m curious what you would put on such a list. 🙂 Looking forward to more blogs!

    • Right now my number one thing on my “turning 30” bucket list is “get a fake ID so I can pretend I’m not 30, and have it say that I am 12, because I can’t take fake IDs seriously.”

      I am weirdly jealous of your beeping cat. I have one that sticks her face in my ear at night and purr-sings at me. Like “were you sleeping? Hey. Hey. Are you asleep?”

      And yet I still love her fuzzy face. I must have stockholm syndrome.

      • Ah, to be twelve again! I could play in ball pits without feeling weird and eat massive amounts of chicken nuggets without gaining, well, too much weight. 🙂 Your creepy/adorable cat sounds like she would get along very well with my sonar kitty.

    • Heeheehee. Well, the parents would get fake names, but since they’re already stuck with the anonymity of “Mom” and “Dad”, they’re stuck taking credit for making me…

  4. I am so ridiculously thrilled I came across your blog. Your post-it drawings are fan-flippin-tastic and I lurve your writing. Looking forward to reading more of your hilarious opinions.

    Much love,

  5. I’m actually curious as to why I have the odd avatar that I have, here at Perpetual Plot Hole. I just joined 5 days ago, and seem to have loaded up TWO separate avatars (one of which is a “gravatar”). I also have the cheapo FREE account (a mistake?).

    –5 star Gen. Fury
    Tau Ceti Division

    • Hm. Well, I know my default “no avatar” responder image is set to “monsters” (because, duh). So chances are, my blog isn’t grabbing your gravatar, and is replacing it with a very charming monster.

      I’m clueless about this. My gravatar works on other blogs, and seems to work fine on mine.

      My final assumption is: Technology is mad at you for not loving Skynet, and wants you to be stuck with a monster image.

  6. Thanks for the help, Stratafied! Although I’m not at all a fan of Skynet (even though mankind kinda deserves it!), my guess is that the real problem is my blog is set to “R”-rated while you probably set yours to “G” or “M” (or some such) a long time ago and forgot about it. In that case, my “R” avatar for your less restrictive blog gets rejected (even though my avatars are innocuous). If you can “set” the commenters avatars to “monsters” (news to me!) that probably means you have the enhanced $99/year blog.

    • ps. Cue annoying Disney song – – wow, I just realize my post is directly under another Blogger (Dimitris) who just found me recently (and this is NOT the blogger who originally sent me to you, either) (sing) “There’s so much that we share, that it’s time we’re aware . . . ” Well, you know the rest?

      • HA! It IS such a small world. Also – thank you for the flattery!

        Honestly, since I’ve been failing to update by noon for the past two weeks, this page is probably due an update…

        I’m so glad you came by and found my blog!

  7. Well I came by again, (almost a month later) and this time to rectify the mistake of not following you in the first place. I thought I had?? And additionally, this time I came because of the list “That’s Ron To You” made. Still loving your blog – – and now it will get delivered to my doorstep! Yay!!

  8. Reading your apt inner dialogue and even getting doodles alongside – altogether these posts are adorable and relatable and they make me quite envious! So I’ll follow you 🙂 Happy blogging!


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