I Think Today Should be Apple Pie Monday

Honestly. It should be a national holiday. In your face, Donut Day.

(Just kidding, Donut Day. You know I love you. You’re a totally fantastic and real holiday, and not at all something made up to promote pastry sales.)

Now, I know no one out there is silly enough to ask why, but I feel like I should justify this foray into morbid obesity.

  1. Apples are in season, so they’re extra delicious
  2. Pie
  3. Apples are a fruit, and fruit is good for you, so how bad can apple pie be, really?
  4. Pie
  5. Apple Pie Monday gives me an excuse to use all those commas that I just used in point 3.
  6. Pie
  7. Pie for breakfast makes Monday better. Don’t even try to deny it.

Unofficial point 8: Also Pie.

In completely unrelated news, does anyone happen to have any apple pie they’d like to share?

18 thoughts on “I Think Today Should be Apple Pie Monday

  1. My favorite recent FB picture says this:

    Chocolate comes from cocoa which comes out of a tree. That makes it a plant. Therefore chocolate counts as salad. The end.

    Clearly. πŸ˜‰

    • That’s logic, and it’s impossible to argue with logic, so therefore, we should all be eating more (chocolate) salad.

      All my troubles are over, and I’m never going to the gym again.

      • But if you go to the gym, you can eat more (chocolate) salad … with your wine and PIE. πŸ˜‰ (I make the awesomest – can you believe WP doesn’t think that’s a word?! – chocolate salad – I mean, pie. It’s amazing with peppermint ice cream. YUMM!)

      • …Aaaaannnnndddd now i’m going to have to go to the gym again, because my brain is now full of delicious calories just craving that! Recipe share! Recipe share! ❀

      • Hmmm, from memory that ought to be interesting. πŸ˜‰ It’s from the Southern Sideboards cookbook and is crustless. Probably where they got the phrase “Easy as Pie”!

        Let’s see, **1 stick butter, 1 c sugar, cream that together (interesting for me since I don’t have a beater any more – saves me a trip to the gym since my arms get a workout), add 2 eggs, 5 Tbsp. cocoa, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1/2 c flour, and some amount of walnuts if you want them (I never do). Place in buttered 8″ pie pan. Bake at 300 for 30 minutes – but DO NOT BURN IT. It’s outrageously good!

        **I hereby absolve myself of all responsibility in case I got any of the amounts above incorrect. Use this recipe at your own risk! πŸ˜‰

      • hehehe, my eldest daughter is famous for SUBSTITUTING salt for sugar. Blech! You’d think she could at least do it the other way ’round!

        Do let me know how it turns out! Don’t forget the peppermint ice cream (for some stupid reason, you can pretty much only get that around Christmas time), although some in my family prefer whipped cream or vanilla. There’s no accounting for the oddities in my family. *sigh*

  2. So, did you try the fudge pie?? I decided to make it from memory Saturday and guess what?! It tasted too salty for me! Since I’m lazy, I have yet to find the cookbook to confirm the amount of salt. Oh, well, let me know what you thought!

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