Confessions of an Otherwise (sort of) Dedicated Blogger

I’m very sorry, y’all.

My couch is more comfortable than my keyboard

I know. You’re all very sad about this. I feel just _awful_.*

*Actually what I feel is very, very well rested.

So, instead of a normal blog post, today I bring you my favorite thing I’ve said all week, in eCard form, and all the cool things I’ve found on the Internet while I should have been writing blog posts.

This week in conversation:

What? Do you not know people who have vampire catastrophes?

I really talk like this, y’all. It’s pretty awful to know me.

Meanwhile, on the Internet:

You have more body parts than you thought you did.  Seriously, doctors? Where have you been? 

My friend Andy skipped a blogging day and I am telling everyone I know about it. Way to go, Andy.

The entire Internet is obsessed with Siracha Candy Canes.

Do not buy these for me.

Science hates teddy bears and they proved it with a cloaking device.

Speaking of toys, here are some really, really disturbing ones. Honestly? Who lets these people around other people? Some people should not be allowed to invent things.

We forgive science for hating teddy bears, because they also agree I’m right about Daylight Savings Time being evil, and Standard Time being awesome. And healthy.

Also, there’s a new T-Rex. SERIOUSLY you guys! They found more dinosaurs!!!!!!

And ultimately, this can lead everyone to the conclusion that I love Time’s Newsfeed. Happy Friday, everyone.

Why Standard Time Is Better than Chocolate

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons of the year, and it’s not just because they’re full of sweaters and scarves and leaves that look like fireworks and blankets of snow. They’re full of standard time.

I know there are people in the world who celebrate saving daylight, when we roll the clocks back and an entire hour of my time vanishes into an endlessly sunny abyss of long days. Hurray for those people who can continue to wake up on time and make it to work with chipper smiles. They talk endlessly about how glorious it is that the sun stays up until 9 at night, and they’re probably fueled by rainbows and the sweet essence of puppy kisses.

I am NOT one of those people.

Standard time is the greatest thing ever. Most of the world agrees. Some states even agree that it’s just downright silly to steal an hour…so they don’t do it. (I’m looking at you here, Arizona. You go, state.) It’s pretty much the best thing ever. It magically transforms me into a happy morning person, who exercises before work and goes to bed on time at night.

Dare I say it? Yes. I do. Standard time is better than chocolate.

And even Lenny the Tiny Adorable Alien loves chocolate covered espresso beans.

And even Lenny the Tiny Adorable Alien loves chocolate covered espresso beans.

Standard Time vs. Chocolate: The Pros List

Standard Time Chocolate
– Brings me joy – Brings me joy
– Helps me go to sleep on time – Helps me survive meetings
– Lets me wake up on time – Can be melted into a glorious beverage
– Makes me a morning person (MAGIC) – Brownies.
– Helps me spend less money by going to
bed on time instead of going out to play
all night
– Totally functional love replacement.
– Signals bears to start hibernating, thus reducing bear attacks – Cookies
– Loving Standard Time is a fun way to antagonize people who hate it – Infinitely seasonally appropriate
– Supports the success of ninja attacks  
– Thanksgiving  
– Christmas  
– New Year’s (Eve and Day)  
– Valentine’s Day  
– ‘Tis the season for soup
And soup is a good season.

And soup is a good season.

Standard Time vs. Chocolate: The Cons List

Standard Time Chocolate
– Empowers vampires – Causes morbid obesity
– People powered by puppy kisses are moody – Promotes a false sense of love
– Supports the success of ninja attacks – Sneaks into all the holidays
– Helps you go to bed on time – Melts into your pockets/purse/car
– Cheap chocolate tastes like wax and desperation
– Is gross when combined with gummy things

As you can see, in a head-to-head battle, Standard Time is the clear winner over one of the most ideal foods on the planet, a food that makes even delicious desserts taste better (except gummy bears). So really, I don’t see how people can be so grumpy about it. Standard time owns almost all the best holidays, and means that girls look more girlfriendy.

So throw on a cross, hang up some garlic, and spray some ninja repellent. Hug a puppy and watch a double rainbow to get your sunshine fix. It’s Standard Time season and I, for one, couldn’t be happier about it.