Yoga Is Not Easy

Or: Why I Achieve My Best Zen Rocking Out to Journey in My Car

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions*, but I like to think that January is a nice time to make healthy life changes.** So I talked one of my friends into investing in yoga classes with me. Because yoga isn’t as fun if you don’t drag people into awkward poses WITH you.
*Not true. I make all kinds of resolutions. I resolve to eat all the chocolate in my pantry. I resolve to talk to my cat only when no one else is around. I resolve to close my blinds before I dance around my apartment in my dinosaur costume.
It’s just that I can’t keep any of them, so I like to pretend I never make them.
**Shop all the “health and fitness deals” on Groupon.

Yesterday was our first class.

Things started well. I arrived on early***. As I pulled into a parking space, the sweet melodies of Journey started to play on my radio. So, obviously, I put the car in park, cranked the volume up to 11, and proceeded to rock out like I had a perm in my hair and was wearing spandex pants.****
***This is nothing short of a miracle. Just ask anyone who knows me.
****I really was wearing spandex pants, guys! Because yoga! I am so prepared!


This is actually how I dance in the car. It’s kind of dangerous to be a passenger during a parking lot dance party.

I preened as I exited the car and found the right part of the building for zen and stretching.

It is not a mystery why I'm single.

This is, in fact, the patented “Wearing Yoga Pants to Do Yoga” walk. And I do it in real life.

And as we got our mats and positioned ourselves in the room, I was strong in the confidence that I’d done this before, and there was only one guy in the class, so how much could I possibly embarrass myself?

Really? They don't?

Do words not float around you when you do yoga the right way?

So much, you guys.

Somehow, despite my efforts to end up in front of the instructor***** but away from the one guy in class, I ended up directly in front of the one guy. Which implies that I have more confidence in my yoga pants than I actually do. And then we started yoga-ing.
*****Because – let’s be honest – I need all the help I can get, you guys.

As it happens, I have no sense of balance.

I probably deserve an award.

I’m possibly the only person who can fall over while doing seated yoga poses.

No balance whatsoever. I’m not sure my yoga instructor knew anyone could be that awkward at yoga…

But she didn’t see my sweet in-car dance moves.

In short: I would probably be great at yoga if Journey was our background music.

12 thoughts on “Yoga Is Not Easy

  1. I admit, I hate yoga. Luckily…I am a runner, and even more bizarre and lucky for me, I have a coach…who believes that Yoga is somewhat evil. So every time I mention that I should probably do Yoga, he gets this tortured look on his face and I relent and pass by all the smug ladies with their cute little mats!

    • Ha! Love it.

      I confess – yoga makes me super happy. It stretches muscles I forget I have. It just so happens I have the balance of a toddler learning to walk…and so I will never be a smug lady on a cute mat.

      I’m the one flailing for balance and wishing I’d put my mat closer to the wall… 😉

    • Seriously. I’m going again tonight. I bought a stickier mat in the hopes that somehow It will glue me in place and I’ll stop falling over in front of all the slender graceful girls and the one super-fit guy.

      If this doesn’t work, I’m thinking I’ll just tie fishing wire to the ceiling and hang on to that – to PRETEND I’m balancing.

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