I Am Trying to Write a Blog Post While Working from Home*

Or: My Cat Doesn’t Want You to Read This

*While taking a totally legitimate work break. Smokers have smoke breaks. Bloggers have blog breaks. It’s an addiction, which is a disease, so it’s not my fault and I’m super entitled to it. Shut up.

Guys, this week, I really wanted to share a whole bunch of hilariously awful stories of the tragedies that are my romantic history. I have a lot of them, and they’re great fodder for doodles.

But this week, the Snowpocalypse has come to visit the Queen City.

That means I’m working from home.

Crap. It's weird, isn't it?

My cat wanders around purr-hum-meowing. That’s normal, right?

With my cat.

Like a tiny fuzzy ninja

She is an expert at sneaking into laps from under blankets.

Who is very clingy.

We suit each other so well

She’s also kind of shove-y and personal-space-invade-y.

And does not share attention well.


This is why my current project reads “wretcidnpwvnrub79843” in the middle of a sentence.

I have no idea how she got this way.

And the laptop says "i4e80t208wh"

Purr. Purr. Purr.

No clue at all.

I guess life is full of little mysteries like that.

27 thoughts on “I Am Trying to Write a Blog Post While Working from Home*

  1. I love the bloggers are entitled to blog-breaks concept…it should be made a new law!

    Make it a new law!

    You can do that right?

    I also love that your cat has little cat versions of human feet 😀

    • I can totally do that. Because I’m an Amur’can. And if good ol’ Dictator G-W Bush taught me anything, it’s that that means I can do anything I like. Like make laws, despite being the legal equivalent of a peasant.

      Blog Breaks. It’s a universal, world-wide law. Get with the times, other countries.

      My cat is really big, and is all about shoving her feet in my face. She deserves cat-people feet 😉 I’m glad you noticed.

      • woohoo 🙂 blog break law!!

        I am on one now!! Or maybe I am sometimes on a work-break from my blogging… hmmm

        My cat is really big too 🙂 If he were to be drawn by me he would have cat-people feet too…but not like mine because mine look like wedges. they really do I wrote a blog post about it but I cant find it…

        I got sidetracked by feet sorry…

  2. Wait! I think my daughter’s cat must be leading a double life!! 23-yr. old lives with us presently, thus the cat. Andy is hilarious. When he gets in your lap, first he shoves his ass – I mean tail – into your face (kind of like your picture up there). Then, if you don’t pet him he head-butts you until you do. I can’t help but spoil him. Since my kids aren’t interested in my affection, I have to dump it on the kitties (yes, I have 2 of my own, but that’s another wonderful story)!

  3. I’m kidding you not, my Bella (a 14-week old German Shepherd) was standing on my laptop 2 weeks ago when I *temporarily* put it on the floor. And this Tuesday, she decided to ‘type’ a little. The next moment all I could see was that my screen was flipped, so I had to bow my head to the left 90 degrees in order to read off it. It took me 15 minutes to figure out that I had to press ALT+CTRL+Up in order to restore it to normal. these pets… They are little pests, and still it’s so hard not to love them.


    • My cat used to do that in the car – I didn’t have a carrier to put her in. She’d wait until I had to be super focused on the road (say, there was ice, or we were on a narrow bridge), and then she’d headbutt me in the elbow.

      Cats: Out to destroy us and make us type poorly 😉

  4. Aaah thank you for following my blog! (I swear, I got so excited when I got the notification. In a completely non-stalker, non-creepy way of course) I love reading your entries ever since I saw it on Freshly Pressed. Keep on the great writing! 😀

  5. “She’s also kind of shove-y and personal-space-invade-y” — I feel like this is also how people would describe me. So, you know what cat? I totally get you.

    And we are awesome.

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