I Am Trying to Write a Blog Post While Working from Home*

Or: My Cat Doesn’t Want You to Read This

*While taking a totally legitimate work break. Smokers have smoke breaks. Bloggers have blog breaks. It’s an addiction, which is a disease, so it’s not my fault and I’m super entitled to it. Shut up.

Guys, this week, I really wanted to share a whole bunch of hilariously awful stories of the tragedies that are my romantic history. I have a lot of them, and they’re great fodder for doodles.

But this week, the Snowpocalypse has come to visit the Queen City.

That means I’m working from home.

Crap. It's weird, isn't it?

My cat wanders around purr-hum-meowing. That’s normal, right?

With my cat.

Like a tiny fuzzy ninja

She is an expert at sneaking into laps from under blankets.

Who is very clingy.

We suit each other so well

She’s also kind of shove-y and personal-space-invade-y.

And does not share attention well.


This is why my current project reads “wretcidnpwvnrub79843” in the middle of a sentence.

I have no idea how she got this way.

And the laptop says "i4e80t208wh"

Purr. Purr. Purr.

No clue at all.

I guess life is full of little mysteries like that.