I Am Very Good at Annoying Mechanics

Or: I Had to Get Work Done on My Car Today and This Blog Post Is Very Short Due to My Lack of Lunch Break

I’m going on a road trip soon. I’m not going to tell you when. But road trips mean getting my car checked out, my oil changed, my tires rotated, and my alignment adjusted.

I love my car. It looks like a bubble. It is an ugly doodle, though.

I love my car. It looks like a bubble. It is an ugly doodle, though.

This is not just because I am a responsible adult. It’s also because I love my car with a fiery passion. It’s a tiny Nissan Versa. It looks like a bubble. I bought it new, and for the first many months of its life, I did all the maintenance on it.*
*Under the express supervision of my father, who cannot quite figure out how I can get completely covered in oil when doing things like checking my coolant.

What, do you not have a special head accessory for car care?  You are so weird.

What, do you not have a special head accessory for car care?
You are so weird.

But when I got my fancy job and moved into my beloved apartment, I could no longer work on my car. That kind of wildly independent-woman behavior is frowned upon, apparently.**
**Probably by super sexist insurance companies who are concerned abotu things like “safety” and “liability.”

So I take my car to a mechanic.

My mechanic also has  fancy car-care headwear. Because neither of us are weird.

My mechanic also has fancy car-care headwear.
Because neither of us are weird.

This makes me jealous. But it also transforms me into a small, irritating child.

Don't try this at home, kids.

Don’t try this at home, kids.

And that is why my mechanic finishes my car super quickly every time I go in. But it’s also why he rolls his eyes every time I come in.

Kids on road trips have nothin’ on me.

20 thoughts on “I Am Very Good at Annoying Mechanics

  1. Midnight… God… (6 hours from France to the Western part of the U.S)

    You give too much importance in the fact of being an adult, being childish can be something very funny and lovely too.

    • Oh, there are endless delights to childishness. However, when I was a person-in-progress (child), I chomped at the bit to be an adult. I thought everything would be sparkles and I would never have to ask for an allowance and I could buy all my own candy.

      So now I celebrate my adulthood by pointing out what a responsible adult I am…while I do all the things I thought I would do as a child 😉

      • If you’re proud, it’s good, really. 🙂
        But, what I wanted to say, it was that being an adult is not absolutely required to live happily, for instance, you have people who continue to act as children during their whole life and it doesn’t mean obviously they can’t be responsible and take important decisions, it means they think, and I agree with them, that there is a time in a day where you can behave like an adult and another time where you can have fun like a child, however, I guess you already know that, especially given the fact you’re older than me.

        To conclude, I want to say what I said in another blog : don’t look at the sun, it is too hot, don’t look at the moon, it is too cold. Here, look at forward.
        The real challenge in an existence is to discover our own limits, this is my point of view… 😀

  2. I was halfway into the bandana-shopping (even contemplated a fancy eye-patch to go a bit more piratey, because pirates are in) before I realised I don’t own a car anymore.

    • Pirates are SO in. So you should get a bandana anyway, and an eye patch, because not owning a car makes you more pirate-y. You’re less land-locked than the rest of us. You could take off on a ship at any time, and not have to worry about car payments.

  3. My mechanic is one of my best friends. He’s the only mechanic I allow to judge my car care motivation because he does it with sharp wit and sarcasm. He taught me everything I need to know about cars and fixing cars, but I still have him do the work. I’ll call him and tell him I have a “loose nut behind the wheel” and he takes care of whatever it is I need without me needing to know or explain. I’m buying a buss pass when he retires.

    • I think having a good relationship with your mechanic is the best thing ever. I used to have one specific one I always went to, but I’ve moved around so much I’ve given up on getting the same mechanic all the time. So I just harass any one I get 😉

      • I’ve moved between three states, and I still keep him for major repairs, and sometimes suggest a visit when I’m a drive-distance from an oil change, because Road Trip!

  4. Having car repair bandana is totally responsible. If you didn’t have the bandana you might get grease or dirt in your hair. And that would be totally unacceptable!

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