The Saddest Wednesday

Hi guys.


Hi hi hi hi hi!

I have very tragic news. I am very busy today* and so I cannot blog.
*But not especially important today, despite what that busy-ness implies. Don’t be fooled.

I'm upset, too.


It’s pretty tragic.

Sticklet: Queen of the Doodles

It’s ok, Sticklet. We’ll have adventures tomorrow.**

**And by adventures, I mean retellings of embarrassing and awkward things that happen in my life.

Sorry, guys. See you tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “The Saddest Wednesday

  1. Do we actually know what this stick figure does as soon as we finished reading the article. How do we know it’s not saving our universe on a very daily basis. I salute you, seemingly unadventurous stick figure. You and your trusty side-kick “weirdly shaped pebble” are in my thoughts and prayers. My gratefulness for your duty to society is eternal.

    • Weirdly Shaped Pebble is a really good sidekick. He’s probably going to have to make cameo appearances in more doodles.

      I think you may be giving the Stick Figure too much credit though. I’m not sure she can be trusted with pebbles, much less world-saving. She’s probably eating ice cream and building stick castles.

      Because that’s what I’m doing in my head.

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