Yet More Confessions of an Otherwise (Sort of) Dedicated Blogger

Oh, man.

Two days this week and no blog posts? This is a capital offense, I know. But please, please, don’t be mad. I have a really good reason for it.

Ok, not that good a reason....

See? A _really_ good reason.

I want to make it up to you, though. I really mean it.

So I’d like to present to you the most badass man in the history of time:
The 80-year old guy who fought a bear, fell of a cliff, and is still alive.

Is that not enough of an apology? Ok, ok. How about fair warning that bugs are going to get way, way worse in the future?
Remote controlled cyborg cockroaches are a thing, and if PETA doesn’t stop them, NOTHING EVER WILL.

Ok, fine. Fine, Internet. I’ll pull out the big guns.
The cats behind cat memes, because I know you love cats, Internet. I pay attention to things you like because I care.

And here is a picture of a tiny happy rodent:

I do this for you

Click for source.

(I am clearly behind on blogging this week, and my little creativity-hiatus on Monday and Tuesday has me chomping at the bit to write. Thanks for being patient with me, guys-who-bother-to-read-this-blog. <3)

8 thoughts on “Yet More Confessions of an Otherwise (Sort of) Dedicated Blogger

  1. I had noticed a lack of posts…but lukily I was ill and therefore thought it was still the weekend so a) didn’t think anything of it and 2) didn’t post either so am in no position to complain…

    😀 mouse/rodent 😀

    • YES! I’m so happy I’m not the only one who was like “Nope. Still feels like weekend. Posting is for _other_ people today.”

      I felt bad about it. But not bad enough to pretend to be creative. I was definitely having a dry spell…

      Are you feeling better? Don’t be sick anymore 😦 It makes me sad!

      • Awww! I don’t want to make you sad… 😦

        I am nearly better! just a tiny bit cough-y

        I am now trying to get through my catch-up post while actually working at the same time!

  2. Oh, the cats behind the memes story is up my alley!

    Glad you posted, though I understand why you couldn’t. Darn life and all that.

    • Sometimes that nonsense just gets in the way!

      But mostly my brain was kind of tired, and I was all out of creative juice. I figured it was better to just take a little break than try to force things.

      So instead I’ll just post like, two more times today 😉

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