Lots of Things Make Me Happy about Blogging

But nothing makes me quite as happy as all the ridiculous things that WordPress tells me about my blog.

My favorite search terms people have used to find my blog:

Or lose. I can't be sure

Sorry guys, but clearly I win the Internet.
I am 100% sure my blog is NOT what they were looking for.

  • what happened to regretsy
    Now you know. You’re welcome.
  • themes for 14 graduates
    I…don’t think I have ever truly addressed this concern.
  • things to make out of pop cans
    Oh oh oh! I can help with this! Pinterest is here for you!
  • eat concern
    I can play this game too. “Sleep anger.” “Drink apathy.”
  • safe hobbies
    This is not the right blog for you. I am sorry Google betrayed you.
  • a meeting should never be longer than
    Ok. This one I totally covered.
  • how to kill spider eggs on christmas tree
    If I knew that, my parents would still be getting live Christmas trees. Sorry to clearly lie to you, Internet.
  • gattafish username online dating sites
    Hey! Someone found me trying to stalk their date! Way to use the Internet!
  • badly written letterto santa
    Yep. Got this covered in every way.
  • dating in your 20s
    It’s awful, right?
  • girl gushers
    NOPE. This is clearly not the blog you were looking for.
  • sweet on zoosk
    Am not. You take that back.
  • white blonde hair
    Finally. My alabaster hair is good for something.
  • dmv social experiment
    Ok, to be fair, I Googled this too after I saw this. Because I want to know if it’s all just an experiment, too.
  • spider eggs on a christmas tree
    I have cornered this topic on the Internet! WOO!

Countries I have collected:



Man I love Canada so much.

THE UK! (Guys. GUYS! It could be THE QUEEN.)

Seriously Seriously

Seriously. I may not have mentioned how much I love Canada.



Awww. Why no love Canada?


Mostly my blog does not make it past Canada

Oh hi Canada!



It’s so big I almost forget how much I miss Canada.

BAHRAIN (totally a real place!)

<3 Canada

Knowing that Canada had already shown me love, I was free to Google where, exactly, Bahrain is. It’s in this circle. Somewhere.

FINLAND (Also a real place, for those of you who studied geography in the US!)

Yay Canada!

Guys! Finland and Canada TOGETHER! ❤


Oh, this old blog? I just threw this on. Had it in my closet for years

Oh. Hey Canada. I didn’t even know you’d be here.

Oh, right, and the place where I live:

Seriously. This entertains me

And Canada! ❤

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! 

So these are the reasons* that I love my blog. Don’t you feel like you just got backstage passes or something? You are welcome.

(Thank you guys for reading my blog. It blows my mind that anyone would bother to check it out, especially people in other countries, and people who don’t know me**. Most of all, I do want to thank the people who know me and read this, because, well, you already have me inflicted on you.)
**Aren’t literally bombarded with my pleas to read this.

15 thoughts on “Lots of Things Make Me Happy about Blogging

  1. Well, I don’t have to tell you this over and over again, but I’m obsessed! When I read your blog, I smile, and I love it *okay, maybe the bug post was an exception because I was cringing all the way through… but… I MADE IT! haha!* I also love seeing countries were my blog ‘have been to’. I’ve officially covered all the continents for the exception of Antarctica… hmm.. I wonder why…. 😀 Have a wonderful day! I’m looking forward to your next post! xoxo

      • It tells you how much I enjoy reading your comments that I didn’t even notice the typo until you pointed it out! (And I do words for a living. Seriously. People pay me for it. Weird, right?) Thank you for the praise – it’s especially awesome since I’m a HUGE fan of your blog! I’ve been checking all the continents off my list – it took AGES to get South America…And then I forgot to take a screen grab of the map! I’m still short on Africa though…you’re ahead of me 🙂

        …Man, we are just going to have to ship someone down to Antarctica with a good 4G connection so we can all finally corner that end of the map…Any volunteers?

      • SERIOUSLY! That empty continent is really bothering me…. It’s like… it’s like… A SORE in my eye! Ouchhh! It hurtsssss! :)))))))))) xoxoxo

        PS. South Africa… I have only Brazil so far. But I’m in a total of 36 countries right now (I wish I travelled there too though!!! and not only my blog… bummer!). Anyone generous enough to take me on the world tour? *don’t they say you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take?!?!?! loooool*

    • And this is why I ❤ you. I support this quest. Time to befriend strangers-who-are-scientists!

      Seriously. My aunt went to Antarctica (ha. See how that's an adorable pun? Oh the world just sets me up for these things) years and years ago when I was a child. If only I'd bothered to foster this blog back then…

    • Ever since I put it there.

      It happened shortly after I attended geography class and decided everything outside of North America is probably on one super-continent where water goes backwards down the drain and Christmas is in summer.

      Is that not how geography works?

  2. Ha! I love reading the search engine terms. Seriously, I can’t even tell what people were hoping to find when they push that search button, but I’m sure my blog was not it.

    Now, I have to know about these spider eggs on Christmas trees…

    By the way, this is one of the funniest blogs I’ve stumbled upon in a long time. I love it!

    • Thank you SO much! That makes my day to hear 🙂 I have a blast writing this, and it just makes me so happy that ANYONE reads it.

      Spider eggs in Christmas trees are the bane of my existence. They are the most evil present of all time. Honestly, coal is better.

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