I’ve Been a Little Bit of a Procrastinator…

Or: Holy Smokes, Guys. Has It Really Been This Long?


"Site Closed" is like "Caution" tape, but for the internet

Seriously. It’s been like, two years. TWO.




Uh oh.


Easiest. Doodle. Ever.

This can’t be good.


This bit right here. Just this bit. You can have the rest.*

*If you promise to be very, very responsible with it.

Well, it can’t be good for you.


But it might be!

But it’s definitely good for me.

Mostly because I really need to get all these colorful post-its off my desk and on to the Internet. It’s the only safe place for them.


9 thoughts on “I’ve Been a Little Bit of a Procrastinator…

  1. yeay!! I missed you too!

    I have to say…in your sceond post-t I thought you were a creature with pincers coming down from the top of the page…

    then my perspective shifted and it all made sense 😀

  2. Missed you, BIG time! The good part was the enormous smile that appeared on my face when I saw your name in my email inbox! 😀 *adjusting myself to fit comfortably into your corner of the Internet*

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