Where Is the Pause Button?

Hey y’all,*
*This is a word some southerners have told me I cannot write down. I am such a rebel.

I know I’ve been a flaky blogger lately, and I’m pretty unhappy about that nonsense. I just want you to know, I’m still here, and still doodling. I just haven’t had any production/writing time to churn out some posts. I’m hoping to take this weekend and catch up, but I’m shamefully hanging my head at the moment for getting so behind.

This is not my hand, and that makes me sad. Click for source ("i am a food blog", which I <3) and recipe.

This is not my hand, and that makes me sad.
Click for source (“i am a food blog”, which I <3) and recipe.

In the meantime, go learn how to make Siracha caramel corn. (Pssst. Go HERE and do it, because I like this recipe.)

Then send me some. I will use it for fuel to write more blog posts.

Your (mostly definitely totally) dedicated, humble blog-writer

Further Confessions of an Otherwise (sort of) Dedicated Blogger

I’m very sorry, y’all. It happened again.

Ow ow ow ow ow

They let you have them at BRUNCH, you guys.

So, in the tradition of “days I forgot to write a post and am very, very sorry* about it,” today I bring you entertaining pictures of kittens:
*Ish. Sorry-ish.


Click for source. It’s pretty entertaining, too.

Face it. Enthusiastically stretching kitten has mildly improved your morning.

Om nom nom nom

“Man guys. I am just DELICIOUS.”
^This is the real reason your cat won’t stop grooming.
Click for source, of course.

,..and all the cool things I’ve found on the Internet while I should have been writing blog posts:

Good news, guys. We can totally deliver things to space now! Because capitalism!
And yes, I would call this a “space-shul delivery.”**
**Go ahead. Sound it out. I’m proud of myself for that one. I have low expectations for myself on Mondays, clearly.

Confused babies are funny.
And apparently all fathers are just a little malicious inside. But only in a funny way. Probably.

Angry Grizzly Bears are really, really terrifying.
But also it kind of looks like they’re hugging things out when they’re really fighting. So there’s that.

This is the scariest episode of The Muppets ever.
But it’s cool. Because Shel Silverstein.

Regular programming with resume tomorrow. Happy Monday, y’all.