Where Is the Pause Button?

Hey y’all,*
*This is a word some southerners have told me I cannot write down. I am such a rebel.

I know I’ve been a flaky blogger lately, and I’m pretty unhappy about that nonsense. I just want you to know, I’m still here, and still doodling. I just haven’t had any production/writing time to churn out some posts. I’m hoping to take this weekend and catch up, but I’m shamefully hanging my head at the moment for getting so behind.

This is not my hand, and that makes me sad. Click for source ("i am a food blog", which I <3) and recipe.

This is not my hand, and that makes me sad.
Click for source (“i am a food blog”, which I <3) and recipe.

In the meantime, go learn how to make Siracha caramel corn. (Pssst. Go HERE and do it, because I like this recipe.)

Then send me some. I will use it for fuel to write more blog posts.

Your (mostly definitely totally) dedicated, humble blog-writer

14 thoughts on “Where Is the Pause Button?

  1. Siracha caramel corn?

    I am so glad my son doesn’t get near my blog or those I follow. I can only imagine he would want tha for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  2. As you age you will learn to find the pause button, it is a learned trait.
    ps. I love your blog and do look forward to it every day but do understand.

    • Thanks! I appreciate it – it really tickles me pink to hear that my blog is enjoyed (especially since I so enjoy writing it).

      Hopefully I’ll be back in my groove this coming week!

      • It’s weird though. We all appreciate you need your time. Especially, as some of us are lazy bloggers (me, I am lazy …very lazy..I am amazed I am even wearing pants). So, yes…we understand…but…but…the cravings…these horrible cravings….

    • I think proof of condiment superiority is achieved by being able to flavor both sweet and savory things. Which siracha does. Because it’s king of the condiments.

  3. This… Picture… How dare you ? x)

    I mistook it with chicken wings first, that probably means I’m tired or I have bad eyes, you choose.

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