Happy Holi-oh, Crap. I’m Already Late

I’m very busy and important*, so I simply do not have time to be amusing** today.

*Running late to Christmas Eve lunch at my Grandma’s house. 
**Am totally having a holiday-induced panic attack.

So here is a picture of a very sad box.***


Produce Box is really sad to meet you.
Produce Box is kind of a jerk.

***Dramatic shadows included, FREE! You’re welcome.

I get my produce**** magically delivered to me. And I recently discovered that this box is very, very sad. All the time. Because I have anthropomorphic personification problems.

****Fancy bread and locally made sugar products. But it comes in a produce box, so it’s healthy, right?

Merry Christmas Eve, y’all. I hope all your holiday boxes are glad to make your acquaintance.